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What ARNO Can Do for Your Store Interior

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How We Apply Retail Design and Visual Merchandising Concepts to Your Shop

Though working with us provides you with various practical benefits, retail design is still a discipline of design and marketing at heart – after all, how would our order picking and international shipping expertise be of use if our designs were not sound? And while feasibility and cost-efficiency are aspects which are considered at each and every stage in the process, the actual design of a retail store fixture needs to be attractive and effective. However, this is not limited to only visual design. Professional retail design of many scopes – from the individual fixture to the entire interior – is concerned with a number of aspects which might not be immediately obvious, such as:


  • Representing the brand identity
  • Colour choices (cool or warm?)
  • Shapes (simple or complex?)
  • Using olfactory or aural elements
  • Incorporating video displays

As any good retail designer can attest, representing a brand identity in an engaging manner can be the most important aspect of any retail design concept. After all, brand recognition is one of the most potent drivers of sales both on the web and in the retail space. Thus, your brand needs to be examined and the key aspects of its identity need to be identified. This forms the basis of all ARNO designs. In the case of a single display or SiS system, the two important questions to be answered are: How can the customer be made to perceive these key points of your brand identity, ideally without having to look twice? And how can the design prevent this brand identity from being influenced by the branding of surrounding products? When fitting an entire store’s interior, of course, this last question is not as complicated, since in such a situation, individual brands do not necessarily compete with each other using their individual bespoke fixtures. Instead, the designers and retail shop owners have control over which product is represented in what way and in which position within the retail space.

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How to Create Retail Fixtures for Everyday Use

In our over eight decades of experience in the shopfitting industry, we have noticed that all too often, a business planning to create bespoke fixtures for their products will have one team working on the design of the furniture and another team, perhaps even an independent company, trying to realise this design. More often than not, such designs have proven to be fundamentally infeasible, since the first team – only concerned with the aesthetic design – have failed to consider some of the most important practical aspects:


  • Weight-bearing capacity of the material
  • Weight of the fixtures themselves
  • Overall structural integrity of the display
  • Dimensions conducive to being moved
  • Possibility of modularisation

In contrast, the ARNO display creation process has designers and marketing experts working hand in hand with engineers, metalworkers, carpenters and other members of the practical professions. This way, we can prevent time-consuming back-and-forth between individual teams and build fixtures which are practical and cost-effective without sacrificing anything in terms of design. Since we already have this major advantage thanks to our comprehensive approach, one of our major areas of expertise is modularisation. This is of particular benefit when designing SiS systems or the entire interior of stores, as it allows you to cost-efficiently use a smaller number of fixtures offering countless options for variation without impeding the effectiveness of the visual marketing. Modular shop fixtures can be combined in any configuration depending on the store layout and the requirements of the products to be put on display. And thanks to our efficient order picking system, the time required for shipping the necessary modular elements to your retail stores is minimised, allowing us to ship on time even at short notice.

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