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The brand Davidoff embodies time and pleasure – all over the world. ARNO has taken on the task of implementing the Flagship Store in Belgium’s capital Brussels. True to Davidoff’s slogan „Time beautifully filled“, ARNO has been working according to the motto „Space beautifully filled“ matching our profession. We have been producing and engineering all high-end furniture items of the 90 square meter store with the highest degree of concentration, great care and a strong focus on quality. All crafts such as heating, ventilation, electrics, dry walling, illumination, flooring and - especially important - humidification were completed under our management just in time for the grand opening in March 2014. You can now find an atmospheric Davidoff Flagship Store at Place du Grand Sablon at the heart of the city.

The store - being the first one in Europe in the new look - invites you to explore the variety of cigars. A strong brand presence that stands out. The finest Alpikord walnut wood was used to produce the furniture and panelling. In combination with the custom-made floor made of precious wood veneer, glass cabinets and copper coloured highlights it creates a noble ambience. The store concept includes the sales area as well as a lounge area at the gallery. Here you can find a 42” screen displaying visuals which strengthen the brand image and an integrated audio system that plays lounge music to support the premium atmosphere. The Davidoff product portfolio is characterised by very precious products with high values. It is important to securely store and display these items and therefore all glass cabinets and drawers are lockable.

Davidoff Flagship Stores
Davidoff Store Basel
Davidoff Store Counter
Davidoff Store Humidor
Davidoff Store Smokers Lounge
Davidoff Store Ambiente
Davidoff Store high quality
Zigarren Vitrine
Davidoff Store
Davidoff Store - Lounge
Davidoff Store - Vitrinen
Ladeneinrichtung aus Holz
Holz Ladenbau
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