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Lexus Dealership Autohaus 00

Lexus Showroom – Progressive Luxury

Through progressive Luxury - the Lexus facilities aim to provide a sense of joy, prestige and enriching experiences. The L-finesse design philosophy composes elegant surfaces flowing into intriguing details and bold visual expressions. Inspired by the Lexus logo, a bespoke showroom design has been created with movement and stillness. The new Lexus retail concept and the bespoke furniture pieces that facilitate the customer journey are designed with this philosophy in mind. A fresh, contemporary approach to the brand resulted in clean uninterrupted lines in all areas with clearly defined spaces, created through the use of different material textures, ambient lighting and appropriate contemporary furniture. ARNO was asked to produce, deliver and install for over 250 car dealerships across Europe.

Value engineering ensured all furnishings were constructed as efficiently as possible. Handcrafted quality, cutting-edge materials such as solid surfaces, wooden elements and technical innovations were applied to the final showroom concept. The exclusive mix of materials characterizes the design with an impressive five-meter-wide illuminated reception desk. Each of the showroom areas show how the new facility champions beauty and meaningful innovation that responds to the needs of the Lexus customer. The retail concept creates enriching experiences within the automotive retail sector through private configuration areas and video walls create a unique, interactive brand experience.


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ARNO Wolfschlugen Lexus Store Lexus Store Automobil EU
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